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Sharp Family History

William & Sarah Sharp, markers
My great great grandparents
70 Generations, Sharp Family
Family History to Adam & Eve
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Mary Ann "Polly" Asberry Bishop-McGuire
Asbury/Lester Connection


This was the 35th annual Sharp Reunion held at Rock Springs Baptist Church fellowship hall in Columbia, Tennessee on Aug 6, 2006. Approximately 70 family members were in attendance

Front row L-R
Deanna Greggs, Lilly Grover, Keeley Grover, Jada Caldwell, Skyler Summers, Sue Walls McGee, Bo Solley, Carson Solley, Jordan Summers, Katie Haywood, Hannah Loftin, Kayla Floyd, Eden Rivera, Carolyn Sharp Hicks, Carol Davis Haywood, Karen Hicks,  and John Sexton.

Second Row:
Christina Greggs Grover, Joy Wright Greggs, Sandra Regan Adkisson, Edith Lunn Sharp, Judy Walls Grimes, Brenda Wendt,  Frances Sharp Davis, Martha Sharp Derryberry, Dot Tyree, Anne Sharp Cole, Grace Gilliam Adams, Madge Sharp Jennings, and Linda Sharp Yates.

Third row:
Monica Greggs Uland, Will Uland, Steve Greggs, Pavlova Lunn Greggs, Mike Greggs, Liz Gooch Greggs, Wayne Greggs, Kala Cook, Shirley Baker Wright, Jimmy McGee, Randall Wright, Al Haywood, Grady Sharp, Cody Haywood, Mahlon Sharp, Kelsey Haywood, Keith Jennings, Delano Haywood, Edwin Derryberry, Shirley Dale Davis,
Alex Jennings, Terry Davis, Glenn Summers, Shannon Davis, Steve Loftin, Audrey Sharp Lovett, Dory Adams, Jr., Warren Carr, Jim Hicks, Denise Jennings Summers, Glenn Summers, Jr., Richard Lyman Cole, Lyman Luther Cole, Poppy Yates Carr.


Sharp-Hardison 37th annual family reunion 10 Aug 2008 at Rock Springs Baptist Church fellowship hall in Columbia on
Descendants of James Anderson Sharp and Sallie Ann Hardison Sharp.

Seated on floor is Madison Caron of Murfreesboro, TN gr-gr-granddaughter.
First row seated L-R: Anne [Sharp] Cole of Brentwood, granddaughter
Madge [Sharp] Jennings of Columbia, granddaughter
Carolyn [Sharp] Hicks of Huntsville, AL, granddaughter
Karen Hicks of Nashville, gr-granddaughter, d/o Carolyn [Sharp] Hicks
Justin Pendleton of Ethridge, gr-gr-gr-grandson
Mason Delk of Columbia, gr-gr-gr-grandson
Ryan Pendleton of Ethridge, gr-gr-gr-grandson
Carynne Delk, gr-gr-gr-granddaughter
Carol [Davis] Haywood, gr-granddaughter
Frances [Sharp] Davis, granddaughter
McClain Delk gr-gr-gr-grandson,
Austin Pierce of Columbia, family friend
Jordan Summers of Decherd, gr-gr-gr-grandson
Cheyenne Pierce of Columbia, family friend.

Second Row: Denise [Jennings] Summers of Decherd, gr-granddaughter
Dot Tyree of Nashville, family friend
Brenda Wendt of Nashville, family friend
Billy and Juanita [Anderson] Brown of Columbia,
Brenda Overstreet of Murfreesboro, gr-granddaughter
Shirley [Baker] Dale of Columbia, wife of Randall Wright
Jennifer [Delk] Pendleton gr-gr-granddaughter holding Lauren of Ethridge, gr-gr-gr-granddaughter
Grace [Gilliam] wife of Dory Adams
Dory Adams, Jr., grandson
Laurie Sue [Lantrip] Delk, wife of Bryan Delk, gr-gr-grandson
Patricia [Adams] Delk of Columbia, gr-granddaughter
Betty Jean [Sharp] Thomason of Lewisburg, gr-niece
Edith [Lunn] (wife of Grady) and Grady Sharp of Columbia, grandson
John Mahlon Sharp of Smyrna, grandson
Glenn Summers, Jr., gr-gr-grandson and Skylar of Decherd, TN, gr-gr-gr-granddaughter.

Third Row: Jim Hicks of Huntsville, AL, husband of Carolyn Sharp Hicks
Amanda Pierce of Columbia, family friend
Judy [Walls] Grimes of Nashville, gr-granddaughter
Roxanne Wright of Columbia, gr-gr-granddaughter
Sandra [Regan] Adkisson of Columbia, gr-granddaughter
Richard and Brenda [Moreland] McCann of Decatur, AL, gr-gr-granddaughter of Nancy Robert Sharp and Major Thomas Harvey Jones
Pamela Hicks of Nashville, gr-granddaughter
Hannah Loftin, step-sister of Kayla Floyd
Kayla Floyd, gr-gr-granddaughter
Shirley [Dale] Davis, wife of Terry Davis
Shannon [Davis] Loftin, gr-granddaughter
Connie [Lovett] Neal, gr-granddaughter
Beverly [Lovett] Horner, gr-granddaughter
Ken Horner all of Columbia, husband of Beverly Lovett Horner
Shelby Stitler, gr-gr-gr-niece
Michelle [Sharp] Stitler, gr-gr-niece
Wayne Sharp of Lewisburg, gr-nephew
Anne [Sharp] Gannon of Murfreesboro, gr-granddaughter
Audry [Sharp] Lovett of Lewisburg, granddaughter
Jayda [Caldwell] Summers of Decherd, wife of Glenn Summers, Jr.
Poppy [Yates] Carr of Murfreesboro, gr-granddaughter.

Fourth Row: Linda [Sharp] Yates of Murfreesboro, granddaughter
Neuva [Sharp] Sears of Diamondhead, MS, granddaughter
Richard Cole of Brentwood, gr-grandson
Jesse Howell of Columbia, gr-gr- grandson
Jason Sears of Seattle, WA, gr-grandson
Johnny Sears of Diamondhead, MS, husband of Neuva Sharp Sears
Randall Wright of Columbia, grandson
Joy [Wright] Greggs, granddaughter
Wayne Greggs, husband of Joy Wright Greggs
Deanna Greggs, gr-gr-granddaughter
Mike Greggs, gr-grandson
Liz [Gooch] Greggs of Lewisburg, wife of Mike Greggs
Delano Haywood, gr-gr-grandson
Cody Haywood, gr-gr-gr-grandson
Al Haywood, husband of Carol Davis Haywood
Terry Davis, gr-grandson
Steve Loftin husband of Shannon Davis Loftin
Ron Neal all of Columbia, husband of Connie Lovett Neal
Keith Jennings, gr-grandson
Alex Jennings of Murfreesboro, gr-gr-grandson
Jim Stitler of Lewisburg, husband of Michelle Sharp Stitler
Garry Gannon on Smyrna, husband of Anne Sharp Gannon
Trey Stitler of Lewisburg,
Glenn Summers, Sr. of Decherd, husband of Denise Jennings Summers
Lyman Cole of Brentwood, husband of Anne Sharp Cole
Warren Carr of Murfreesboro, husband of Poppy Yates Carr

Photo and information by Linda Yates of Murfreesboro, Tennessee 9 Sep 2008.


(1) William R. Sharp, Sr. b. 6 Sep 1786 and d. 26 Jul 1848.  There are no records of his parents but it is said the first Sharp we know anything of was Graham Sharp but there is little to no information on him.  No one is sure about William’s middle initial “R” which is found in Bible records for both Williams R., Sr. and William R., Jr.  It is believed it was “Robin” which was probably a nickname.  Some think it was “Roberds” and others “Roberts”, taken from the Roberts family.   William R. Sharp, Sr., m. Isabella Roberts on 11 Mar 1807 in Knox County, TN.  She, b. 28 Feb 1790; d. 5 Jan 1826, dau/o William Roberts.  These dates were taken from inscriptions on their tombstones in the Mt. Moriah Church Cemetery on Horse Mountain outside of Shelbyville in Bedford County, TN.  The names of their children are:


(2)Anderson Sharp, b. 19 Jan 1808, d. 20 Aug 1863.

(2) John D.  Sharp b. June 6, 1835 in Bedford County, TN; d. October 10, 1852.

(2) Wm. Roberds Sharp, Jr. (20 Dec 1815; d. 3 Oct 1862)

(2) Aletha Sharp – (b 18 Feb 1818; d. 24 July 1852 nfi

(2) Isabella Tennessee (b. 20 Jan 1835; d. 12 Jan 1841) nfi

(2) Graham Butcher Sharp – (b. between 1823 and 1825)


(2) Anderson Sharp (Rev) b. 19 Jan 1808, d. 20 Aug 1863, m. Nicey Bell Dixon, b. 9 May 1809; d 12 Sep 1879.  His tombstone is  in Old Mt. Moriah Cemetery next to where the Mt. Moriah Methodist Church once stood on Horse Mountain in Shelbyville, TN.  Anderson was a Methodist minister and a Mason.  Children of Anderson and Nicey Bell were:


            (3) Mary Ann Sharp, b. abt. 1827 in Bedford County, TN.

            (3) William J. Sharp, b. abt. 1833 in Bedford County, TN.

            (3) Thomas Smith Sharp, b. abt. 1835 in Bedford County, TN

            (3) John Dickson Sharp, b. abt. 1837 in Bedford County, TN


 (2) William Roberds Sharp. Jr. b. 20 Dec 1815, Bedford County, TN.; d. 3 Oct 1862, MCT, m. Sarah “Sallie” McGuire on 21 Jan 1834.  She b. 2 Jul 1814; d. 3 Jun 1890; dau/of Thomas M. and Anna Talitha Lee McGuire, who were pioneers in Bedford County.    


Ann Talitha Lee, dau/o Richard Henry Lee and Elizabeth Lee.  b. 17 Jul 1790 in Virginia or Kentucky; d. 22 Jul 1872 in Charleston, Delta County, TX.  She was buried about 23 Jul 1872.


 Thomas McGuyre and Ann Talitha Lee had eight children.


            (3) Isabella R. Sharp (b. 20 Jan 1835, d. 12 Jan 1841, age 6)

            (3) Thomas Asbury Sharp (b. 25 Mar 1827)

            (3) Anna Katherine Sharp (b. 30 Oct 1839, d. 11 Nov 1906

            (3) William Anderson “Bud” Sharp (b. 1 Apr 1843; d. 23 Apr 1922)

            (3) Nancy R. “Nannie” Sharp (b 14 Nov 1845) nfi

            (3) Sarah Elizabeth Sharp (b. 8 Aug 1849) nfi

            (3) Nicey Bell Sharp (b. 8 Oct 1851; d. 24 Dec 1928)

            (3) Mary Josephine Tennessee Sharp (f 12 Jun 1855, d. 6 Nov 1877)


Sallie’s father, Thomas McGuire, was the s/o Lt. William McGuire of New York, who had served in the American War of Independence, and Mary Ann Shirley, dau/of Revolutionary War Soldier, Johann Michael and Catherine “Katy” (Franz or Frantz)  Shirley, on 23 Feb 1778 in Rockingham, Greenbrier County, VA.   William and Mary Ann Shirley McGuire moved to Tennessee in the early 1800’s and “built and managed one of the first nurseries in Middle Tennessee.  It is said that the first trees planted in Bedford County were propagated by Thomas McGuire.  The house he built and lived in on the North-west side of Horse Mountain, where his nursery covered a large portion of the hill, still stands in good preservation.” (From Shelbyville Times-Gazette Sesquecentennial Book, 1819-1969).  The DAR erected a marker over his grave some years ago.  Another dau/of this couple, Tempie McGuire, m. John Carpenter and they moved with the Sharps to Maury County.  They were the parents of T. B. Carpenter who later m. Nicey Bell, dau/of William R. Sharp, Jr. and Sarah McGuire Sharp.


Mary Polly Shirley McGuire, Sallie McGuire Sharp’s mother, endured many hardships during the Revolutionary War.  She, along with her husband, Lt. Wm. McGuire, (s/o Thomas McGuire, b. abt 1701 in Augusta, VA and Elizabeth Giles Taliferro, b.s 1705 in Augusta, VA; d. 1829 in Wartrace, Bedford County, TN) and small son, Benjamin “Bennie” Michael McGuire, were taken prisoners by the British from their farm in Virginia in June 1780.  The British kept the American families in prison camps, for prisoner exchange purposes in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  During that time another son, Thomas, was born.  Their four names are shown on prisoner lists now in the British Museum and National Archives of Canada from 1780 until their release in winter of 1782.  They were forced to return home during the bitter Canadian winter and one night, in a cemetery where they had taken refuge, the older child, Bennie, died from exposure.  The brokenhearted parents had to bury their son in that cemetery.  Following the American Revolution, the McGuires resided in Pulaski County, KY before migrating to Bedford County, TN. On 2 Oct Wm McGuire purchased 300 acres of land, part of Blount Grant #234 in District No 3, in Bedford County from Wm. Ditto and Benjamin King.


According to Soldiers of the Revolution in Bedford County TN, another sad occurrence in their lives was in 1784, while on an expedition from Boonesborough, KY, Mary’s father, Michael Shirley, was killed and scalped by Indians.



Sons of Thomas Ansbury Sharp, the oldest son of Williams Roberds Sharp, Jr. and Sarah McGuire  ca 1900.  Lt to rt: James Anderson Sharp, Edd Sharp, Martin McGuire Sharp, back William Thomas Sharp and John Roberds Sharp


Elsie Littlejohn Sharp, wife of Erson "Edd" Sharp, Nancy Jane Jones Sharp, widow of Thomas Ansbury Sharp, son Gaston Moody Sharp, son of Elsie and Edd Sharp, and Edd Sharp, son of Thomas A. Sharp, ca 1912 in front of the Old Home Place in Maury County, Tennessee



Ronald Thomas
Sharp, son of Wm.
Thomas Sharp and
Frances Elizabeth
Hardison Sharp


Mayme Sharp,
daughter of Wm. T.
Sharp and Frances
Elizabeth Hardison


Loucille Sharp,
daughter of Wm.
Thomas Sharp and
Frances Elizabeth
Hardison Sharp



William Thomas sharp,
son of Thomas Ansbury
Sharp and Nancy Jane
Jones Sharp


Frances Elizabeth
Hardison Sharp,
Wife of Wm.
Thomas Sharp