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Sharp Family History

Family History to Adam & Eve, Page 4

William & Sarah Sharp, markers
My great great grandparents
70 Generations, Sharp Family
Family History to Adam & Eve
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Family History to Adam & Eve, Page 4
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Mary Ann "Polly" Asberry Bishop-McGuire
Asbury/Lester Connection

(8) Dicie Ann Womack, eight child of Richard R. Womack, and wife, Dicie Jane Hayes, was born June 13, 1859, died December 6, 1933, married Joseph Dow, born August 18, 1854, lied April 15, 1907, children;

(1) Charlie Dow, (Charles), unmarried; killed in an automobile accident, October 19, 1919.

(2) Genie Dow, the second child of Dicie Ann Womack and Joseph Dow, was born March 7, 1882, died November, 1947, married George W. Graham, had three children, as follows: (a) Lucille Graham, born November 8, 1908; (b) Joe Graham, born August 5, 1910; (c) Anne Rebeecca Graham, born March 3, 1912, married, and had three children, Bobbie, Johnnie and Gayle. (3) Samuel Percy Dow, born December 21, 1886; on October 27, 1910, married Lena Adams, (daughter of Charles (Charlie) Adams, and wife, Mary Emily Fore), had four children as follows:

(a) Helen Dow, born October 19, 1911, who, on December 20, 1930, married Clifton E. Bryant, had one child;

(3-a) Clifton Dow Bryant, born, December 25, 1932, who married Patti Walker, and had three children, as follows:

(3-a-1) Melinda Dow Bryant, born August 3, 1954; (3-a-2) Deborah Carol Bryant, born September 20, 1957; (3-a-3) Dianne Karen Bryant, born November 22, 1958.

(b) Robert L. Dow, the second child of Samuel Percy Dow and Lena Adams, was born September 23, 1913, married Marie Deal and had one child; Betty Helen Dow, born September 29, 1937. (c) Percy Wilson Dow, third child of Samuel Percy Dow and Lena Adams, was born February 11, 1918, on June 1, 1941, married Lucille Hall and had two

children, as follows:

(c-1) Sandra Ann Dow, born April 4, 1942;

(c-2) Larry Wilson Dow, born August 30, 1946.

(d) Dorothy L. Dow, fourth child of Samuel Percy Dow and Lena Adams, was born July 30, 1922.

(4) Robert "Bob" Dow, fourth child of Dicie Ann Womack and Joseph Dow; born March 1, 1889, was killed in a railroad accident. Unmarried

(5) Lulu Dow, fifth child of Dicie Ann Womack and Joseph Dow, was born July 28, 1891, married Evans Dow Worthy, had on child; (a) Evans Dow Worthy, called "Dow", born October 16, 1911, died February, 1959, married Hazel Lennon, had the following children;

(5-a-1) Ann Worthy; (5-a-2) Linda Worthy; (5-a-3) Evans Worthy; (5-a-4) Percy Worthy; (5-a-5) Vicki

Worthy; (5-a-6) Virginia Worthy. (9) Henry Franklin Womack, (ninth child of Richard R. Womack and Dicie Jane Hayes) born September 26, 1861, married, as his second wife, Dillie Summers, had one child;

(1) Marie Womack, born July 24, 1902, who, on March 30, 1924, married Jesse Ernest Williams, born October 27, 1900, died January 7, 1948, had three children as follows:

(a) Ernestine Williams, born May 30, 1927, at Lumberton, Miss., who, on March 18, 1951, married Duncan Careron Green, (born July 26, 1909, son of Bishop Mercer Green and his wife, Pauline Priestley), and they have one child;

(a-1) Duncan Cameron Green, Jr. (born September 21, 1952;

(2) Joyce Aneita Williams, born February 25, 1929, at Lumberton, Miss., who, on July 30, 1951, married Edward Summers Lewis, III, born November 5, 1927, son of Edward S. Lewis, II, and his wife, Sara Griffin. They have two children;
(a) Edward Summers Lewis IV, born November 20, 1952;
(b) Williams Griffin Lewis, born January 15, 1957.
(3) Mickey Lewis Williams, third child of Marie Womack and Jesse Ernest Williams, was born September 12, 1941, unmarried, a Junior at the University of Virginia. (10) Liddy Orlena Womack, born June 16, 1863, died January 19, 1946, married James "Jim" W. Thompson, died June 4, 1913, son of James Henry Thompson and Elvira Finley, children; (1) Louis Bramlette Thompson, born September 18, 1890, married Gussie Cockrell;

(2) Lessie Jane Thompson, born March 7, 1892, married (firstly) George G. Holloway, died December 8, 1918; their daughter; (2-a) Lena Rai Holloway, born November 21, 1910, Dlo, Miss., who, on February 17, 1934, married Rufus Eugie Purvis, born May 1, 1903, Pelahatchie, Miss.; their children;

(2-a-1) Dolly Diane Purvis, born September 13, 1943;

(2-a-2) Joe Rufus Purvis, born June 1, 1945. Lessie Jane married (secondly) Thomas P. O'Neal, died December 30, 1925, and married thirdly, Thomas Meredith Avery, died September 20, 1953.

(3) Richard Alonzo Thompson (3rd child of Liddy Orlena Womack and James W. Thompson), was born November 26, 1893, married Ida Frances Waldrop; (4) James Henry Thompson, born January 9, 1896, died October 12, 1952, married Mattie Currie. (5) Otis "Odie" Greenberry Thompson, born January 27, 1899, married, firstly, Mattie Belle Ponder, married, secondly, Helen Barefield; (6) Ernest Franklin Thompson, born September 13, 1901, married Nannie Brown; (7) William Grady Thompson, born June 13, 1907, married,

firstly, Hazel Donnell, married, secondly, Mildred Tolbot. (11) George Andrew Womack, 11th child of Richard R. Womack and Dicy Jane Hayes, born February 20, 1866. (No information on him other than "He went to Texas". (12) Willis Bramlett Womack, born April 22, 1868, died, married, firstly, Lula Allbritton, and by her had two sons;

(1) George Monroe Womack;

(2) Edward Eustace Womack:. Willis B. Womack married, secondly, Annie Reeves, their


(1) "G. B." Womack;

(2) Willis Jane Womack;

(13) Louis Thomas Womack, born February 25, 1870, died. He married Augusta Grantham and they had;

(1) Richard Womack, deceased;

(2) "J.L." Womack;

(3) Macon Womack, married Sam Garber;

(4) Quay Womack, married Mr. Savage. (Generation No. 151) William Washington Womack, named above as the fourth child of Richard R. Womack and Dicey Jane Hayes, of Simpson County, Miss., was born October 1, 1851, died September 7, 1926; on November 25, 1877, married in Copiah County, Mississippi, Charity Bufkin, born January 30, 1847, died May 9, 1919, at Jackson, Miss. Charity Bufkin was the daughter of Harmon Floyd Bufkin and his wife, Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Barlow, daughter of Henry "Buck" Barlow and his wife, Charity Millsaps, daughter of William Millsaps and his wife, Rebecca Webster, who came to Miss. about the year 1811, while Miss. was still a Territory. The said William Millsaps was the son of Thomas Millsaps II, son of Thomas Millsaps I, who came from Ireland to America about the year 1735 and settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with his wife, Mary, three sons and two daughters. William Washington Womack and his wife, Charity Bufkin, had eight children; (1) Anna Roberta Womack; (2) Lula Frances Womack, died in Infancy; (3) Harmon Bufkin Womack, died in

Infancy; (4) Elizabeth Bufkin Womack; (5) Jissie Mabel Womack; (6) Mary Macon Womack; (7) Willie Charity Womack; (8) George Inge Womack. (1) Anna Roberta Womack, the first child of William Washington Womack and his wife, Charity Bufkin, was born December 3, 1878, on November 1, 1895, married James Hilary King, born January 5, 1869, Navasota, Texas, the son of Frances Teague and Zabedee Harmon King. They had one child; Winifred Hilary King, born August 25, 1897, Brookhaven, Miss., who, on august 21, 1926, married Eugene Young Weakley, born February 9, 1896, son of Ella Young and Joseph Weakley, of Brownwood, Texas. (2) Lulu Frances Womack, died in infancy. (3) Harmon Bufkin, died, infant. (4) Elizabeth Bufkin Womack, (fourth child of Wm. Washington Womack and wife, Charity Bufkin), was born April 7, 1883, Copiah co., Miss., on February 15, 1919, married Gordon Arthur Nettleton, born March 31, 1877, London, England, died March 31, 1959, the son of Peter Gordon Nettleton and Alice Mary Ann Louisa Arthur Nettleton are twins; (4-a) Gordon Noorhead Nettleton, born November 23, 1919, Dallas, Texas, married Alberta Ingram on June 19, 1943, at San Diego, California. Alberta Ingram was born January 13, 1917, at Axtel Kansas, the daughter of James Albert Ingram and Mary Louise Barkley. Gordon and Alberta have on child; (4-a-1) Gordon Arthur Nettleton II, born January 23, 1945, Dan Diego, California. (4-b) Jessie Alice Nettleton, born November 23, 1919, Dallas, Texas, on October 7, 1944, married John Royal Harris Voriehs. Their children; (4-b-1) John Royal Harries Vorhies, (Jr.), born August 13, 1945, Dallas, Texas. (4-b-2) Gordon Arthur Nettleton Vorhies, born June 6, 1948, Dallas, Texas; (4-b-3) Peter Oscar William Vorhies, born October 15, 1945, Dallas, Texas; (4-b-4) Bettie Lu Vorhies, born August 20, 1952, Dallas, Texas. (5) Jessie Mabel Womack, Born September 24, 1884, (the fifth child of William Washington Womack and wife, Charity Bufkin) on December 14, 1911, married Hunter Lamar Moorhead, born November 3, 1879, in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, died October 19, 1960, at Jackson, Mississippi, the son of Milton Adophpus Moorhead and Adele Carpenter, of Crawford, Mississippi. No children. (6) Mary Macon Womack, the sixth child of William Washington Womack and wife, Charity Bufkin, was born November 6, 1886, on March 6, 1908, married Humbert Fariss Crisler, born January 9, 1883, in Jackson, Mississippi, died September 25, 1960, Jackson, Miss., the son of William Julius Crisler and Ella Fariss, of Jackson, Miss.; their children; (1) Mary Catherine, died in Infancy; (2) Hunter Fariss Crisler, born July 27, 1917, Jackson, Mississippi, on February 15, 1941, married Edwina Mullins, born September 10, 1917, at Jackson, Miss., daughter of Mabel Batte and John Stuart Mullins. They have four children, as follows; (2-a) Julia "Julie" Crisler, born May 26, 1945, Amarillo, Texas; (2-b) Catherine Anne "Cathy" Crisler, born January 29, 1949, at Jackson, Miss. (2-c) Hunter Fariss Crisler, Jr. (H. F. Crisler III, born August 22, 1951, Jackson, Miss. (2-d) John William Crisler, born May 18, 1956, Jackson, Miss. (3) Jessie Charity Crisler, born September 19, 1919. unmarried. (4) William Julius Crisler, born October 12, 1922, on February 8, 1957, married Mrs. Betty Nelson Cakes, born March 19, 1931, daughter of Doss Wilburn Nelson and wife, Olive Jeannette Marlatt. Julius and Betty have two children; William Julius, Jr. and Elizabeth Jeannette; and Betty has a child by her first marriage, Tommy Mikell Crisler, legally adopted by Julius. The ages of the children are as follows:

Tommy Mikell Crisler, born December 27, 1953, (name changed from Tommy Oakes). (4-a) William Julius Crisler, Jr., born February 21, 1958. (4-b) Elizabeth Jeannette Crisler, (Little Betty) born March 27, 1959. (5) James Macon Crisler, was born July 27, 1925, the youngest child of Humbert Fariss Crisler and wife, Mary Macon Womack. On February 14, 1948, James Macon, "Jim", married Mary Ruth Griffin Ludlow, born November 25, 1927, the daughter of Harold Maury Ludlow, born November 25, 1927, the daughter of Harold Maury Ludlow and Ethel Griffin. Jim and Mary Ruth Griffin, called "Buddie", have one son and four daughters;

(5-a) Lee Hunter Crisler, born October 31, 1950;
(5-b) Ethel Charity Crisler, born March 25, 1952;
(5-c) Marilyn Denise Crisler, born March 2, 1953;
(5-d) Patricia Macon Crisler, born August 9, 1955;
(5-e) Jimi Kimberly Crisler, born March 30, 1957;

(7) Willie Charity Womack, seventh child of William Washington Womack and wife, Charity Bufkin, was born October 14, 1888, on February 16, 1908, married Asa Morris Cox, born May 13, 1886, at Valden, Miss., the son of Lawrence Lanier Cox and wife, Ola Ingram. Asa Morris Cox died June 5, 1961. Willie Charity and husband, Asa Morris cox had two children, as follows;

(a) Morris Cox, born January 29, 1909, of Montgomery, Alabama, married first, Mittie Hardy. After her death, he married Mrs. Velma Cleveland Chalkley, daughter of John Henry Cleveland. They have no children, but Velma has several children by her first marriage.

(b) Elizabeth "Bettie" Cox, born November 3, 1913, on November 12, 1938, married Zoa Mildred Harshfield. "Bettie" and "Mel" adopted twins, Robert and Roberta Cowles.

(8) George Inge Womack, the eight child of William Washington Womack and wife, Charity Bufkin, was born Match 22, 1890. Unmarried. ___________________________________


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